Below are some indicative itineraries for you to chose among and enjoy unforgettable sailing holidays in the Greek islands. Any other option is possible and rest assured that we will assist you from the time of your arrival to experience the most relaxing holidays!

Saronic Gulf – 1 week

Athens – Athens

Begin your sailing holidays from Athens and explore the islands of the Saronic and Argolic Gulf. These Greek islands have nice towns, ancient temples, Byzantine castles, traditional fishing harbours and safe anchorages. On a yacht charter holiday you will find numerous interesting places to visit with a combination of modern and ancient Greek culture.

By this very popular sailing holiday destination you will enjoy reliable sailing winds every day and the area is sheltered from the strong meltemi wind which can blow in the Aegean during the summer.

Starting point , Alimos marina is easily accessible with daily flights to Athens and you can add a couple of days in a hotel to visit the capital of Greece, Athens. Parthenon and new Acropolis Museum are the major attractions. You can also stroll through Plaka with small streets of tavernas and shops.

1stAlimos Marina (Check-in at 17:00)31NM
7thAlimos Marina 
8thCheck-out at 9:00 am 
Itineraries to Saronic Gulf for one week
Itineraries to Cyclades for one week

Cyclades – 1 week

Athens – Athens

Cyclades, the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea consists of some of the most beautiful islands in the world! The Cyclades comprises a lot of diverse islands with a variety of cultures and landscapes, famous for their crystal clear blue waters, sandy beaches, whitewashed houses, isolated chapels, breathtaking views and cosmopolitan lifestyle making them an ideal sailing destination and a once in a lifetime experience.

While sailing the Cyclades you may experience the Meltemi wind, a strong and dry North wind, which occurs in the Aegean Sea and blows throughout the summer season mostly from July to August. Meltemi averages usually from 4-5 Beaufort however; it can reach 5 to 7, sometimes even 8 Beaufort. Meltemi may offer good sailing conditions for many sailing enthusiasts, but sometimes it can be proved dangerous and difficult for amateur sailors.

1stAlimos Marina (Check-in at 17:00)40NM
3rdFinikas (Syros)25NM
5thParikia (Paros)46NM
6thMerichas (Kythnos)17NM
7thAlimos Marina 
8thCheck-out at 9:00 am 

Cyclades – 2 weeks

Athens – Athens

Islands such as Mykonos, Santorini and Ios form the touristic heart of the Cyclades, each fulfilling the Greek island dream while being beautiful and vibrant in their own way. Naxos, Paros and Milos offer all that you might expect from the group, but can be really busy and difficult to anchor, and perhaps better seen out of the high season.The northern Cyclades are within easy reach of Athens, Kea, with its oak forest, and Kythnos, with its hot springs, are both quieter than many of the other islands, while Andros is one of the largest Cyclades, with a varied and rugged landscape.

1stAlimos Marina (Check-in at 17:00)37NM
2ndVourkari (Kea)34NM
3rdErmoupolis (Syros)11NM
6thNaoussa (Paros)32NM
10thAdamas (Milos)24NM
11thKamares (Sifnos)12NM
12thLivadi (Serifos)21NM
13thMerichas (Kythnos)45NM
14thAlimos Marina 
15thCheck-out at 9:00 am 
Itineraries to Cyclades for two weeks